Friday, November 11, 2011

The Legend is Here!!

The Legend is out! I've been waiting for this ever since Red Dragon Island sneak peeks were out!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Legend is here!

Legendary Swords has arrived! Visit the Poptropica Store and look for this Gold Card:

Then go to the "store items" section of your inventory to start playing.

Legendary Swords is an action-adventure unlike any you've ever seen before on Poptropica. In addition to the powerful swords you will find on your quest, you can also use any sword from the Poptropica Store to help you defeat E. Vile's robot army!

Visit Poptropica now to start playing Legendary Swords!

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Okay! Got to go! Have to defeat E. Vile robots right now! I'LL BE COUNTING ON YOU!
~Lady Wing

P.S. Here's a video created by the creatos that may help you with the swords! Good luck!

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