Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vampires are invading Poptropica!!!

Everyone... run for your lives!!! Poptropica is... Oh, um... hi! Sorry, I just came back from a very long trip- or should I say vacation from my hideout. So sorry for not coming back but now, here I am!

Well, that was relaxing but now I found out... Poptropica is cursed with vampires?! How in Poptropica did this happen?! Oh sure they are cool but first of all, blood. YUCK. What has become of Poptropica? I mean, first the ghosts were kinda scary but now, werewolves and vampires? Luckily, the hideout is located in Mythology and not those places- for now anyways...

Seems like this is the new island to look forward to. Seems like Vampires are a huge trend right now and Poptropica just had to follow. Oh well! I can't wait... well maybe I can wait, for this island. This is going to be interesting... I just hope it doesn't follow with the popular Twilight saga. (I'm sorry but I dispise the movies and books.)

Well, hopefully I don't get bitten before the island releases!
~Speedy Wing~


  1. To be perfectly honest, I have to agree with you about "Twilight."

    At least one thing to look forward to, though, is that our mission will likely be to destroy the vampires and restore peace and order back to Poptropica...again. :)

  2. hey ! you know, i think that Poptropica is trying to hard to come up with islands. i mean, usually an island comes out every 3 months, but then bfor S.O.S. island could be out for non-members they ALREADY came up with a new island. i think its so frustrating

  3. Frustrating to them? Perhaps. I do think that they would have better islands if they took more time to think them through. S.O.S. was pretty good though.

  4. @Busy Seagull and Speedy...
    I actually like the Twilight series. However, i do not find its storyline appropriate to be used for a children's computer game. However, i am excited to see what the Creators think of this time! And speaking of them, Cheerful Bite, i agree with every word you just said! And i'd like to add that this membership thing is out of control. Kids should be allowed to receive game benefits like extra quests and items w/out having to empty their wallets! the game has lots players due to this issue, and the Creators should pardon those who cant afford membership.

    1. Well, it turns out that the island was perfectly fine after all; as I predicted they had us destroy the vampire, not glorify it, so that's good. :)