Monday, August 1, 2011

Mulitverse Fun!!

I was having a lot of fun Multiversing with my friends today! I was chatting a lot and versing too. Here's some pictures I took.

Look how many people were in the room!! Loads of fun!



We tried doing the 'Speedy Wing' look. Look at all the Speedy Wing look a-likes!! :o Info:
Picture1, People from left to right: Shoeless Panda, Lucky Lizard, Shiny Sun, Speedy Wing, and Strange Clown.
Picture 2, People from left to right: Shiny Sun, Speedy Wing, Shaggy Penguin, Lucky Lizard, and Strange Clown.

That was a whole lot of fun!! Wanna join?? Find me on Poptropica Secrets forum when I'm on and I might mulitverse with you!!


  1. Cool!P.S.Those other new people like the boy and stuff and the superhero was me.;)

  2. nice pics! :D