Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missed Me?

Hey Poptropicans!

Sorry for not being around much. School has totally bogged me down and lately, I haven't felt like posting on the Hideout. Sorry.

A lot has happened since I last posted in Poptropica. Well, Legendary Swords is now available for everyone with the FULL version. Then, Poptropolis Games just came out! It's not quite open for everyone yet but you can still play a demo if you are a non-member. (Team Seraphim! <3)

Then, there's also this old friend that seems to be coming back to Poptropica. Everyone knows him now a days. He first started as a book series favorite, then he released 2 movies, and has an island on Poptropica... You know who I'm talking about! It's Greg Heffley! (Not Greg Kinney Polychrome. ;-))

We'll get to see what news what he has to bring on Wednesday, May 30th (like said on the poster above.) Can't wait!

Sorry for not posting. I'll see if I can post more since it's summertime soon for me.
~Speedy Wing~

Monday, May 7, 2012

Poptropica Friends

Hey! Poptropica Friends is now out! As you have known, the hideout here has been predicting about what would be in store for the new feature. Well, now we know what we right or not!

How do you like the new feature? Do you like adding friends, photos, closet, quizzes, or something else? I honest love adding friends and also doing the quizzes. Can't wait to add you as a friend, (if I haven't already...)

See you around the Hideout!
~Speedy Wing~

P.S. Sorry for such a late post. I haven't been able to go posting on my blogs much due to schoolwork and other things so I apologize.

P.P.S. If you want to add me, my username is "musicgirl123106."