Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Speedy Wings?!?!

Look at this picuture I found.....
Can you tell who I am?? Or did I just do some fancy computer trick and they are both me??

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shrink Ray Island is out!!

Shrink Ray Island is now out for everyone! It's time to get tiny!! I have finished the island and I think it was quite an adventure.

It's all about this new invention that a girl named C.J. built for the science fair. The invention is the Shrink Ray. Apparently, it has been stolen by a theif. You get shurnk and have to travel all around her house to solve how to get out and to stop the theif. This was truely an island that I could never think of. Great job Creators!! You can also get a Shrink Ray in the Poptropican store. If you have membership, you can get it for free or use 150 credits. Click the link to see Poptropica's tour of Shrink Ray Island:

You know what Shrink Ray Island reminds me of?? The movie Despicable Me. It's all about shrink rays! (I love this movie by the way.) It kinda has the same plot in a way. Villians trying to steal the moon using a shrink ray that they stole..... Well it's a really good and funny movie for all ages.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dr. Hare's place revealed!!

Speedy Wing: *Scream!*
Friend: What?! What's wrong?!
Speedy Wing: I can't believe Dr. Hare's place!
Friend: Where is it?
Speedy Wing: It's at Lagoon!! I love Lagoon! I go there almost every year!
Friend: You've been there?
Speedy Wing: Well duh. I said it did right?

Speedy Wing: I was totally going to guess Lagoon!
Friend: Yeah right.
Speedy Wing: So true! When I saw the ferris wheel and the gate, I thought it looked familiar.
Friend: Then why didn't you guess?
Speedy Wing: Well there are a ton of ferris wheels over the world! How was I suppose to know that it would be exactly the one from Lagoon?!
Friend: So. In the pictures the Creators posted, can you reconize any rides?
Speedy Wing: It's kinda blurry. I don't think I can. The only thing I can reconize the white roller coaster. It's one of my favorite rides.
Friend: What's it called?
Speedy Wing: It's called The Rollercoaster.
Friend: That's so.... original.
Speedy Wing: It's an old ride okay? I guess they featured Lagoon since it's the 125th year.
Friend: 125 years?! Holy cow.

Here's a map of Lagoon. The one's in red are the one's I really love and would recommend going on (if you ever visit.)

Thanks for featuring Lagoon Dr. Hare!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Queen of the Sea

Here's a simple costume I made.


What you need:
-Poseidon's Trident (you can get by finishing Mythology)
-Vampire 1

1. Go Mythology Island and go to the beach. (Inside Poseidon's place.)
2. Customize the purple beach girl's top and the surfer's necklace and belt.
3. Go to Herc's Hero Hut and copy the purple girl's bangs and lips.
4. Put on Poseidon's Trident
5. Customize Vampire 1's hair.
6. Change your hair color to red.

~Get the classic followers and use the bubble

For Similar look:
~Get the Mythology Surfer Girl
~You can copy either Zeus or Poseidon. Hades is the same as above. (So if you used Zeus Surfer, use the same top and belt.)
~Copy Poseidon girl's necklace or keep the surfer's at the beach.
~Find a long skirt that is the same color. (Use other characters to customize around the island.)
~Keep the hair the same.
~Keep Poseidon's Trident
Hair Color:
For Zeus girl: Any color you choose. (I prefer black.)
For Poseidon girl: Any color you want. (I prefer light blond.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to Speedy Wing's Hideout

Hi everyone! Welcome to my one and only hideout. (It's just a Poptropican blog with a cooler name.)

This is the place where I will be posting everything about Poptropica. Either it's stories, costumes, or just island stuff. I might post some of my adventures with friends too so keep an eye out for those! If you go on Poptropica Secrets' Forum, then I might post about you or your costume!

Anyways. Thanks for coming here. I will post as much as I can and please do comment!

♥ Speedy Wing.