Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vampires are invading Poptropica!!!

Everyone... run for your lives!!! Poptropica is... Oh, um... hi! Sorry, I just came back from a very long trip- or should I say vacation from my hideout. So sorry for not coming back but now, here I am!

Well, that was relaxing but now I found out... Poptropica is cursed with vampires?! How in Poptropica did this happen?! Oh sure they are cool but first of all, blood. YUCK. What has become of Poptropica? I mean, first the ghosts were kinda scary but now, werewolves and vampires? Luckily, the hideout is located in Mythology and not those places- for now anyways...

Seems like this is the new island to look forward to. Seems like Vampires are a huge trend right now and Poptropica just had to follow. Oh well! I can't wait... well maybe I can wait, for this island. This is going to be interesting... I just hope it doesn't follow with the popular Twilight saga. (I'm sorry but I dispise the movies and books.)

Well, hopefully I don't get bitten before the island releases!
~Speedy Wing~