Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

It's almost time for 2012! Time for change... have you had your resolutions yet? My first one is to keep up with Poptropica and post more here at the hideout.

Earlier this week, a group of friends from the forum and I planned a 2011 Year Costume Party. It's where we thought about our year in Poptropica and came dress up from something that was released this year. There were tons of options and everyone came as their favorites.

The year 2011, released 8 islands: Cryptids, Wild West, Wimpy Wonderland, Red Dragon, Shrink Ray, Mystery Train, Game Show, and Ghost Story Island. A lot went on in those islands... Lots of monsters were found; Cowboys roamed Poptropica; A Winter Wonderland was created; Ninjas had the adventure of their lives; Poptropicans found out how it felt to be small; Poptropicans went back in time to save a famous inventor; Saw how Robots ruled the world; And some spooky guests ended the year.

Binary Bard was elected "#1 Villain" on Poptropica this year. Hopefully, 2012 has someone new. I don't think I can stand Binary Bard telling me what to do anymore...

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Can't wait for what 2012 has in store!
~Speedy Wing~

P.S. Thank you for all those that came to the party! It was super fun. Those that came: Shiny Sun, Calm Dolphin, Silver Sky, Quiet Sun, Busy Seagull, Super Gamer, Little Owl, Magic Dragon, and an unexpected guest, Silver Raptor.


  1. Hello, again, Petpet! I'm on Poptropica too. My person's name is...ICY FIRE...:) Remember me? Please reply!!! Would love to keep in touch throughout 2012!


  2. Will you post about the chat room too?

  3. Im coming 2 the one 2nite at the moldy baguette inn...whos with me?