Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Counterfeit Island Party

Hey everyone! Two years ago, Counterfeit Island was released on January 4th for everyone! This was one of my favorite islands so to celebrate it's 2nd birthday, I hosted a "Counterfeit Island Birthday Party." I have to say this wasn't the best party ever but it was fun.

Poptropicans wear their favorite costume from Counterfeit Island
If you haven't done Counterfeit Island, you should because it's really unique and there's a special Poptropican that is traveling around Poptropica now! What would you do to catch a criminal that trying to steal valuable art and replacing the real art with a "counterfeited" one? What I really like about this is it has a mystery.... or that you are trying to do is catch the art thief. If you need some help click here for a guide.

What did I like most about this island? The artwork! I used to be into art all the time but seeing all that was amazing because I've never seen them before. I also love the setting. It was fun learning a bit of French and I love the mimes on the island.*looks at sky to see a boy holding onto a balloon* Sorry. WAIT UP BALLOON BOY! *starts chasing after him*

Well, happy birthday Counterfeit Island!
~Speedy Wing~

Special thanks to: Lucky Lizard (cop), Little Owl, Red Wing (security guard), Shiny Sun (tour guide), and Super Gamer (mime) for coming to the party!


  1. OMG! There I am!

  2. OMHMAGOSH!!! I cant believe it!!! Now I remember!

    LO, I was there too, THATS where I first remember you from!!