Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Speedy Wing and Friends Collection: Steamworks Gadget Girl

This week's collection theme is, ADVENTURERS! Each day of the week, I will showcase one costume from the collection. Once they are all shared, I will have a poll to see which one is the most favored and you can get all the steps on how to create the costume.

Now, let's get started! Today's is Steamworks Gadget Girl.
I was bored on Steamworks island and I noticed how unique the clothing from that island was and how the colors coordinated. So, I created a Steamworks Gadget Girl. This is great for the epic battle against the plant monsters in Steamworks! All those mutant plant monsters will fear you, and won't even think about trying to mess with you again!

Look smart, adventurous, brave, and stylish out on the go! Gadget girls don't ever have to be called "nerds" or "geeks" again!

~Speedy Wing~


  1. Where'd you get the clothes,there's nothing but machines on that island.But other that,it's a nice outfit.:D