Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twisted Thicket and the Truth-o-Meter

This is surely not a surprise to every Poptropica Fan. Twisted Thicket will be available for members on April 12 and non-members May 2nd.

I am super excited for this island because there is going to be mystery and magic! What can be better? What scares me is, since the trees are twisted, does that mean the truth is too? I hope not because if so, it's going to be hard to solve this mystery. Either way, I- Speedy Wing- will solve the mystery and detect the truth with the lies! I wonder if it's a good time to... bring out the Truth-o-Meter!

Introducing, the top of the line Truth-o-Meter. It's even voice activated! Alright, just a quick test... My name is Bob.
Truth-o-Meter: Pants on Fire.
Okay... How about this... I have a pet panda.
Truth-o-Meter: Mostly True.
This thing is good! I'm totally going to be able to tell who's lying on Twisted Thicket island!
Truth-o-Meter: False.
Who asked for your opinion? Now that I think about it, this thing is way too big for me to carry around if I'm ever being chased by some strange creature.
Truth-o-Meter: Very True.
Be quiet. Hmm... this could really be a short cut for me to solving the mystery but... I don't want to die. Maybe I should-
Truth-o-Meter: False.
I didn't even say anything!
Truth-o-Meter: True.
I'm turning this off. Where's the off button on this thing?
Truth-o-Meter: False.
Okay! That's enough. *grabs hammer*

Please Stand By...

Sorry about that. The only way to turn it off was to... um, destroy it. So much for knowing who's telling the truth. I guess I'll just have to use my knowledge and skill. Well, see you around Poptropicans!

~Speedy Wing~

P.S. No Truth-o-Meters or Hammers were harmed in the making of this post. Please enjoy the Twisted Thicket!


  1. Lol. I was wondering where the meter came from until I read the post.
    Meter: Very true.
    I thought you were destroyed?
    M: Mostly false.
    *Double smash!*
    M: *Btzz.*

    Okay, anyway, I just want to say, I really like your post, it was really funny. :D

  2. I know, right? ROFL, that was so funny!
    Meter: Very True
    XD You see? its AWESOME!!!!
    Meter: Extremely False
    What? Oh're supposed to be crumbs by now!!
    Meter: ....t..r..u..e...:)
    LOL that was pathetic
    Meter: True

    *Meter gets fed to meat machine*

  3. cant wait for twisted thicket to come out for non-members, though...:)

  4. Yeah, I can agree with that...we still have to wait until May 2 in order to even see it. Oh well.

  5. Oh! Congrats on becoming a new author for this blog! congrats! u and speedy will be great! i just saw the latest post, too!