Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moving Sites

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting here for awhile! It's been hard to manage two blogs lately with my life so to make it simplier for me, I'll be posting only on my other blog, Petpet's Room, from now on.

Now, don't worry about this blog. It will still be open for you to look at, I just won't be posting on here. Instead, I'll be posting on my other blog about my life along with Poptropica. (Kinda like a "2-in-1" thing.)

Right now, I'm currently "remodeling" my other blog so that Speedy Wing's Hideout can be part of Petpet's Room. (So my hideout is in my room!... Which is kinda true in real life...)

I'm sorry if you are disappointed but it will still be the same Speedy Wing's Hideout just at a new location and site name! So, visit here for the new location of Speedy Wing's Hideout!

Thanks for supporting me through the year everyone!
~Speedy Wing~

P.S. I kept my domain name/URL as "petpetsroom.blogspot.com" because I didn't want those that were followers of Petpet's Room to be confused. It's still Petpet's Room AND Speedy Wing's Hideout. I just couldn't fit it all in. Thanks!

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