Monday, July 25, 2011

Dr. Hare's place revealed!!

Speedy Wing: *Scream!*
Friend: What?! What's wrong?!
Speedy Wing: I can't believe Dr. Hare's place!
Friend: Where is it?
Speedy Wing: It's at Lagoon!! I love Lagoon! I go there almost every year!
Friend: You've been there?
Speedy Wing: Well duh. I said it did right?

Speedy Wing: I was totally going to guess Lagoon!
Friend: Yeah right.
Speedy Wing: So true! When I saw the ferris wheel and the gate, I thought it looked familiar.
Friend: Then why didn't you guess?
Speedy Wing: Well there are a ton of ferris wheels over the world! How was I suppose to know that it would be exactly the one from Lagoon?!
Friend: So. In the pictures the Creators posted, can you reconize any rides?
Speedy Wing: It's kinda blurry. I don't think I can. The only thing I can reconize the white roller coaster. It's one of my favorite rides.
Friend: What's it called?
Speedy Wing: It's called The Rollercoaster.
Friend: That's so.... original.
Speedy Wing: It's an old ride okay? I guess they featured Lagoon since it's the 125th year.
Friend: 125 years?! Holy cow.

Here's a map of Lagoon. The one's in red are the one's I really love and would recommend going on (if you ever visit.)

Thanks for featuring Lagoon Dr. Hare!!!

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