Friday, April 13, 2012

PoptropicaQA: Poptropica Friends

(Host): Welcome to the debut of...POPTROPICAQA!
Here on PoptropicaQA, we have two contestants, and contestant A must try to stump contestant B with a question.  If successful, and contestant B cannot begin to answer within 10 seconds, contestant A wins!  If not, contestant B then tries to stump contestant A with a question.  If contestant A answers the question correctly within the given time, then contestant A becomes the winner!  Otherwise, I shall give both contestants a tie breaker question, and whichever contestant answer correctly first wins.  If at any point a contestant answers most of a question correctly but cannot answer it completely, then the opposing contestant will have to answer the missed part correctly in order for the contestant to be eliminated.
For our contestants today, please welcome...Speedy Wing!  Please welcome also...Cpt. Busy Seagull!


Our category today is: Poptropica Friends feature, and Busy Seagull will be starting with the first question.  Are you ready?
(Busy Seagull): I'm ready.
(Speedy Wing): Bring it on!
(Host): One...two...three!  BEGIN!

(Busy Seagull): What funtions will each button on a player's profile have?
(Speedy Wing): Oh, that's an easy one.  Look at the video the Poptropica creators provided, go to the 28 second mark, and pause it.  The first button is for island medallions.  The second is for what country the player lives in, as well as the particular region in that country, such as a state, where the player lives.  You can tell that because in the video, it shows an American flag with AK written in a little white box in the lower right corner.  AK stands for a state or region: Arkansas. The third is for photos, the fourth is for a costume closet, the fifth...I'm not sure..., the sixth is for checking on your friends, the seventh is for battle rankings, and the eighth is for membership.  If you look at the profile at other times in the video, these are the only buttons that remain constant.  Thus, they are the only default buttons.  The other buttons, as the video says at  26-29 seconds in, are created when you answer questions in another profile feature: the personality questionaire, which I am totally excited about!
(Host): You said you weren't sure what the fifth button is.  Cpt. Seagull, do you know?
(Busy Seagull): ...I can't say I do.
(Host): Congratulations Speedy Wing on moving on to the next round!  It is now your turn to ask a question.

(Speedy Wing): Will all Poptropicans have access to the closet?
(Busy Seagull): Yes!  The size of the closet, however, is a little different between members and non-members.  Members will have access to a closet that fits 30 different costumes.  On the other hand, non-members will not receive as large a closet, although the Poptropica creators have not mentioned how large their closet will be.  Also, Poptropicans will be able to share costumes from their closets.
(Host): Congratulations Busy Seagull on moving on to the final round!  I shall now ask the tie breaker question.  Whoever answers it first will become the winnner!

Q: Where will you now be able to access multiverse?
(Speedy Wing): Multiverse will be accessible through it's own page via a button that is in the upper left corner of the friends feature page.  It and the friends feature are both tied in together, but a player can switch between views with that link.

(Host): Congratulations, Speedy Wing, you are the first ever winner of PoptropicaQA!  Thank you to both of our contestants, please come again for the next show of PoptropicaQA!


Okay...everything that is mentioned above are merely our guesses, so it's up to you to decide how close we really are.  Did you figure anything else out?  Post your opinions, ideas, and guesses below in the comments!

~Busy Seagull, new blog contributor.
~Speedy Wing~

Note from Speedy Wing: All credit goes to Busy Seagull! I just edited some of my parts but that's it. Please also note that I wanted Busy Seagull to win the first ever PoptropicaQA.


  1. That was soooo creative and original! Good job, Seagull!

  2. Thanks RedWing!

    Do you have any other ideas about the Friends feature? I'm a little too lazy to look back at the sneak peaks to see if anything else was there. :p

  3. Your welcome! You know what, i am actually pretty stumped myself. If i think of something, i DEFINITELY tell you :)

  4. ha, ha, funny funny! great job seagull and speedy! I can't wait for Poptropica friends, but I'm starting to get annoyed at how long its taking for Poptropica to release it...but good things are worth the wait!
    Wild Star, signing out...
    P.S. if you pause the Pop-Friends video at 0:14, you'll see something that just "might" come out again in 2012...hope that's not a coincidence...

  5. Hahaha! Great job guys!