Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seagull is coming to the Hideout!

I just came back from seeing one of the greatest seagulls on Earth! Here, I'll tell you a bit about it...
Speedy Wing arrives at 122 Fort Ridley, Skullduggery.

*yawn* That was quite a trip to come here. It will be totally worth it though! *looks around to find seagull.* Now where is that seagull...? Hey, look! A fellow Poptropican resident here at Fort Ridley! Maybe he can help me find that sea.

Poptropican: Welcome to Fort Ridley! Is there anything I can help with you today?

Yes in fact. Do you know where I can find seagull?

Poptropican: There are a plenty of seagulls here. Which one did you have in mind?

Well, I got this note from someone that was interested to come write for my Hideout. The picture was lost and the first part of the name got smudged before I could read it. So, I'm looking for a Poptropican here named Seagull.

Poptropican: Ah. You mean Captain Seagull!

I'm hiring a seaman to write for my Hideout?!

Poptropican: Not to worry, Miss. He is quite the gentleman and a great leader. In fact, you are of the presence of him right now.

Wait. You're telling me that YOU are Seagull? The Captain Seagull I've been looking for the whole time?

Poptropican: Yep. Captain Busy Seagull, at your service, Miss Wing.

Well! I'm glad I've found you!


So that concludes my journey to find, the Seagull. So, now I have another additional writer to the Hideout! His name is Busy Seagull, excuse me, Captain Busy Seagull and he has been on Poptropica since it came out. He his an extremely great writer (he even wrote an amazing story which I will post soon.) Busy is very kind and knowledgeable and I'm super excited for him to be our newest writer. I hope you all will enjoy him as much as I do! There is so much more but I think that's enough to reveal for now. I don't want you to know him that well.... yet....

~Speedy Wing~

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