Friday, January 13, 2012

Upgrade on Poptropica?


Friday, January 13, 2012

Under construction

We're plugging away on a cool new feature for Poptropica that we will have ready for you soon. Here's another quick look.

Can you guess what it might be? We'll have all the details soon!

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If you look really closely, you can tell that the "friends" button has now CHANGED to your character. What I'm guessing is, that one, we finally can add other Poptropicans as friends or two... we have a lot more new features!! I checked out previous sneak peeks from the Daily Pop.

It seems like we are going to have new "icons" to replace the friends. The first "icon" would probably be were all your medallions go. Second, it looks like the Japanese Flag. I don't know what that is. "Photos..." Wait, PHOTOS?! That icon for photos looks familiar! It was posted in the sneak peeks many months ago. (I believe when Red Dragon Island was released.) Maybe on our adventures in Poptropica, each island will have different pictures. That would be awesome to keep those memories.

Closet.... Hmmm....

It looks like we are going to have more than one place for our costumes now! This is great because as a fashionista, I need more space to save costumes. This is perfect for hosting cosutme parties too! Looks like you can save a lot of costumes too... that's awesome.

The boxing gloves icon? Definitely common room battles! Golden star? That usually means Membership. Maybe what benefits? I don't know. Reality TV icon? *gasp* Yes! They changed it back! As you know, before the "restart islands button," you could play Reality TV again and again and get streaks. Many of my friends played Reality TV over and over when they were bored but once restart button came, they lost all progress! (I think one even got over 100 times!) I guess changing the streaks was a bad idea.

Ninja time! I think that one is a wallpaper icon. Poptropica is making wallpaper for your PC and that's what I'm guessing the icon is for. The last 3, I seriously don't know yet. If you are experiencing glitches, I hope you know why now. Also, if you don't see "Costume Costumizer" in the store, don't worry because closets will be coming soon!

So, tell me what you think. Do you think you'll like this new "icon" upgrade? What do you think you'll enjoy most? Any suggestions on what's not right here?

See you around the hideout!
~Speedy Wing~


  1. GREAT DETECTIVE WORK, Petpet! Wow, I never would have thought to put those three pictures together, but I can definitely see it now. Yeah, I think this new feature is going to be really good. Look closely at the "Japanese flag" button. It looks like there might be the imprint of a book inside the red circle. Maybe there will be new stories or something? Perhaps the bottom left icon will lead to the map, or ever bring back an old, short feature where we could go to the main map and then pull up the map for any island, and maybe the next one will be for our Poptropican's health? That would be new. Maybe the last one is for multiverse...don't know for that one. I think I'll like the map the best.

  2. u should make a new poptropica. all new islands,clothes, and all new gadgets!