Friday, April 6, 2012

No excuses for me this time!

I am a horrible person. Okay, I'll take that back but I have truly let you guys down. I keep saying that I'll keep up with my posting but I haven't posted in... 2 months now. I usually have an excuse but not this time! Anyways, let's get down to business, shall we? It's April and it's spring! Hooray! Poptropica Creators pulled a great prank this year! Check it out!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who nose what's new in Poptropica?

We're excited to announce the most groundbreaking, innovative feature in the history of Poptropica: Noses!

On Monday, we’ll be adding noses to every single character on Poptropica, whether you want one or not. Now, your Poptropican will be better than ever at sniffing out clues, stuffing the competition, and running up the score. Not since the introduction of the Costumizer or the removal of the Monster Carnival map icon have we made an update this momentous.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this amazing new update. You will always remember April 1st as the day everything changed on Poptropica!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

No need to run from these noses

Well, most of you caught our little April Fools' joke over the weekend. We aren't adding noses to Poptropicans. Everyone would look too weird!

But there was a grain of truth in our gag. Now, you can get a fake nose in the Poptropica Store!
Fortunately, these Poptropican noses are optional, not mandatory. So visit the Poptropica Store today to get your fake nose -- and get a jump on next year's April Fools' Day!

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I was really scared about the noses there! Can you imagine it?! Me, Speedy Wing, with a nose?! Sure, I'd love to stop and smell the roses but probably not with those noses.  

I promise that I'll keep you up to date with everything going on and not leave you all for 2 months! (This is a promise I will keep!)

 ~Speedy Wing~

P.S. If I had an excuse, it was because I got bit by a vampire and couldn't come back to the hideout until someone would save me. (I am saved and I'm no longer a vampire so don't worry!)

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  1. Lol, it's perfectly okay, Petpet. I've noticed that you haven't been able to post in a while, but I also know you're busy, so that makes it okay. And everything you just posted certainly makes up for not being on for a while! :D