Friday, July 29, 2011

Shrink Ray Island is out!!

Shrink Ray Island is now out for everyone! It's time to get tiny!! I have finished the island and I think it was quite an adventure.

It's all about this new invention that a girl named C.J. built for the science fair. The invention is the Shrink Ray. Apparently, it has been stolen by a theif. You get shurnk and have to travel all around her house to solve how to get out and to stop the theif. This was truely an island that I could never think of. Great job Creators!! You can also get a Shrink Ray in the Poptropican store. If you have membership, you can get it for free or use 150 credits. Click the link to see Poptropica's tour of Shrink Ray Island:

You know what Shrink Ray Island reminds me of?? The movie Despicable Me. It's all about shrink rays! (I love this movie by the way.) It kinda has the same plot in a way. Villians trying to steal the moon using a shrink ray that they stole..... Well it's a really good and funny movie for all ages.

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