Saturday, July 23, 2011

Queen of the Sea

Here's a simple costume I made.


What you need:
-Poseidon's Trident (you can get by finishing Mythology)
-Vampire 1

1. Go Mythology Island and go to the beach. (Inside Poseidon's place.)
2. Customize the purple beach girl's top and the surfer's necklace and belt.
3. Go to Herc's Hero Hut and copy the purple girl's bangs and lips.
4. Put on Poseidon's Trident
5. Customize Vampire 1's hair.
6. Change your hair color to red.

~Get the classic followers and use the bubble

For Similar look:
~Get the Mythology Surfer Girl
~You can copy either Zeus or Poseidon. Hades is the same as above. (So if you used Zeus Surfer, use the same top and belt.)
~Copy Poseidon girl's necklace or keep the surfer's at the beach.
~Find a long skirt that is the same color. (Use other characters to customize around the island.)
~Keep the hair the same.
~Keep Poseidon's Trident
Hair Color:
For Zeus girl: Any color you choose. (I prefer black.)
For Poseidon girl: Any color you want. (I prefer light blond.)

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