Friday, September 16, 2011

Poptropica App, Coming Soon!!

It seems like everyone is making apps for iPhone, iPad, etc. now. Fantage just recently made one about their game "Bullseye." (Which I have.) Club Penguin just released Puffle Launch today. I guess this is a way to keep everything at your fingertips. Apperently, Poptropica decided to create one too!!

Hmm..... Looks like an app for Poptropica Creator's Blog. I guess this way, you can be updated on things that are going on even if you aren't on a computer!! I think this is a great thing to do but I wish they did a game. It would be nice to play maybe sudoku or just a common room game on the iPhone, iPad, etc. Well, more info will be coming so keep checking on the Poptropica Creators Blog!

I can't wait to download it on my iPod Touch!!

~Speedy Wing~