Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mystery Train Island!

Hey everyone! As many of you know, Mystery Train is out for everyon- I mean members. Sorry about that. I was just so excited and all. Well, at least we have a short demo like for Shrink Ray Island! The island was released today at 4:21 Eastern Time. (4 for 4th birthday and 21 for 21st island! Clever right?)
It's almost time to depart!! It sounds like we are going to have a blast going on the train!

Here's a change that I noticed in Poptropica today. They changed the inventory up a bit.
It looks like your backpack has a new look. Now they divided the islands. 11 on one side and 12 on the other. Looks more organized right? *Choo Choo!* Oops! Looks like the train is about to leave! Click read more to see more about my short trip!
My trip on the Train
Okay, so my trip started out by how everyone is getting ready for the ride. I was exploring and saw Thomas Edison pushing some suitcases.
TE: Why are you laughing at me in that picture?! You knew I needed help.

SW: I was just thinking of the times we had together and you look funny like that. You should work out more.

TE: Well you wouldn't be having light nor computers if it wasn't for me!

SW: *struck* Okay. I'm sorry. Need some help?

I built a ramp to help the luggage up. (Sorry. There was a glitch when I did it so no picture.)

SW: That was easy. You could've done it if you worked out more.

TE: *ignores my sentence* Thanks. Do you want to go on the train with me? I could use your assistance. *hands me ticket* Meet me at my cabin.

Cool right?! This is awesome that I've met Thomas Edison and you can too! I wonder if he still remembers me from Time Tangled...... Well, that's all! See more of my adventure next time! Click here to see my trip with Edison before!
~Speedy Wing~

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