Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Legend...

Wing. Speedy Wing's the name. I'm a some-what professional detective. I've been working on a case for months. It's all about robots, oil, and legends..... Oh, you want to know about the case? Well, I'll give you some of my clues and other information. Then I'll tell you my theory..... (BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF PICTURES AND A LOT OF READING AT THE END.)

This is the original idea for Steamworks island but they just changed it up. Could it be a Steamworks 2?!
These bad boys are evil. Maybe a boss to battle?

Hmm... Evil, Inc. Maybe one of the villains??The first one kinda has a Binary Bard style.... Maybe it's E.Vile!!
Legendary?!?! Hmm... this battle is going to be hard to not forget. And what are the swords for?? Perhaps a way to defeat the robots attacking? Would it be like an Astro-Knights 2 also?! (Sometimes they don't use all the ideas for everyone to know!)

Looks like Turkey. And then there's also Indian belly dancers. The robot in the Turkey picture looks like it's up to no good......

Tokyo?!? I think we might have to travel the world.... and look, Mr. Yoshi. Is he a robot or one of us?

Looks like a factory for making robots perhaps??
I have no idea how this is involved but it looks like the robots are attacking it.
In the video. It shows a Poptropican walking around and the color is all warm. Everything around is kinda a cold color. For all of you that want to know, that's how they test everything and it's kinda similar to an infer-red locator. If you notice closly, the museum underneath the video, is the same one in the video. I'm guessing that's a musem for everyone to look about the robots and it's on main street.

These are sketches of robots. In the top left one, it looks like robots that are in today's technology. The top right one looks like tougher ones. I'm pretty sure we have to fear them. The bottom left is showing underwater robots. Is an aquarium involved and we have to go underwater? The bottom right looks like random household items in robot form. Some might be in the island so look out for them!

The world is yours? What does that mean? I'm pretty sure that this is going to be part of the Robots Museum.

These look like they are all part of some kinda of gameshow. Especially the top right and bottom left. Then the other 2, it looks like there's something to do with escaping.....

Alright. Those were all my clues. Here's where I have to put the puzzle together but there's a couple of missing pieces.

It starts out with arriving at main street. There's a couple of buildings and a huge museum. You travel around and people say how great and helpful the robots are and how Mr. Yoshi invented them. Then one day, the robots go bad and start going all over the world and trying to take over it. They kidnap all Poptropicans and the only way to get out is going through a series of obstacles or the game show. That's when Mr. Yoshi reveals his master plan. That's where I'm confused.
It's the same beginning at the top but then some of the robots were programmed to go bad controled by the smartest robot, E.Vile. Mr. Yoshi had maybe something or nothing to do with the robots. They start traveling and taking over the world. I don't get how the game show scene who go in here.

Here's an idea of how the game show place would be like:
A whole bunch of Poptropican got caught and the only way to get out it by going through a series of games. Most of them are just answering questions and moving on but at one point, you see a pool of underwater robots that you have to avoid. When you try to escape, a huge robot blocks your way.

I don't really get how the legendary stuff fits in. What do you think?? Comment below and tell me what you think about my theory. (If you had a hard time seeing the pictures, click on it and it should give you a bigger version of it.)

~Speedy Wing~


  1. Your theory is pretty good! It may be even real! Yeah, the legendary part is pretty hard to figure out. Maybe we get legendary swords for the boss battle? Which is what it makes legendary. (That was just a random guess)

  2. Hi! I really like your ideas. You might be dead on in some things. But in you first theory, where Mr.Yoshi is the bad guy, how does E.Vile play in?

    I also think the swords might be part of the game show, where you have to defeat robots to move on, maybe.

  3. Good theory! I hope you're right! :)