Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game Show Island??

Okay, I was looking around on the sneek peeks to find out more about the new island and look at this!
Neat right?? It looks really similar to a game show "Who wants to be a Millionaire." Remember my old game show theory?? I have a whole new one now!! Okay, this is how it goes.

On 'Robot Island' you arrive and everyone is talking about a huge game show that happenes every week. Mr. Yoshi is the amazing creator or host of the game shows. Every week, they have a new game and they pick random contestants to go to the show. (Sounds a bit like Reality TV right??) Well, the robots are created by Mr. Yoshi and sometimes they go as 'challenges' for the contestants. On TV, it seems like the contestants are okay but they really aren't. You get invited to the game show and you go there. You play a game and while they are shooting for TV, you win but when they go for a commercial break, robots attack you and you knock out. When you wake-up, you see lots of people from other shows and notice that they have E.Vile Inc. on the shirts. That's when you start to notice that Mr. Yoshi is going to take over the world. You have to find legendary swords to destroy different types of robots.

How do you like it?? Is it better than my first one?

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