Friday, April 6, 2012

Recruiting Writers!!!

A while back, I had a poll to see how many people were interested in being a writer for the hideout. It turns out that many people were interested.

After lots of thinking, I decided that I'm going to hire some writers for the hideout. It's easy! Just e-mail (don't worry, I respect your privacy) and fill out this form below:

I am interested in becoming a writer for Speedy Wing's Hideout!

Poptropican Name:
How long been Playing Poptropica:
Poptropica Picture:
For the Nickname, it came be just something you go by online (like I'm Petpet.) Your Nickname may be the same as your Poptropican Name.

If you receive a reply from me, then that means I'm interested in you to become a writer.
Note: You may have to create a Google Account to be a writer. I can do alternative posting as well (ask me if you have questions about this.)

~Speedy Wing~

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