Thursday, August 4, 2011

Answer revealed!

Do you remember this picture?

Have you figured it out?? So, was it really some fancy computer trick or something else??

It's -wait. I need a drumroll. *drumrolls*- thank you. It's.......... two people!! Yep. You heard me. If you look carefully, it's a picture of two similar Speedy Wings in a Multiverse room. There's also different followers. The one on the left has a bee and the other has a humming bird. Also, the one on the right is also phantomized.

So who is me then?? Okay, no more stalling. I'm the one on the right. I was doing Multiverse with my friend, Strange Clown, and she decided to copy my look. So from now on, to know the real me, make sure I look how I look and that I'm phantomized and have a hummingbird follower.

Case of two Speedy Wings: Closed

Message to Strange Clown: I'm making you famous!! You better treat me right on the forum! (I'm totally kidding.)

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