Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drawing Mysterys with Robots!!

Sorry that I haven't been posting around my hideout this month but I've been working at D.C. Diner and been really busy. Anyways, I've been on Poptropica Secrets Forum and one of my greatest friends got a new Poptropican blog!! Please check it out: Cuddly Panda's Blog. I hope you guys like her. =)

Few annoucement now! As many of you know, Mystery Train Island is out on September 9th for members! Here's the trailer that many have probably seen.
Alrighty, next up, it's robots. As many of you know, there have been a lot of robot commotion on the Sneek Peeks. Well I'll share my knowlegde about those robots and what's in store of Poptropica on Septemeber 9th. Make sure to check here in the hideout!!

Lastly, I've been learning how to draw Poptropicans. (Got the idea from Cuddly Panda.) I've been drawing myself and others. I'll post my pictures later on my hideout and my album on Poptropica Secrets Forum! Well see ya around!! (Make sure to visit the egg on the egde of the page!!)

~Speedy Wing~

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