Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first post by Shiny Sun

Hi my name is Shiny sun. This is my first post so far. I'm glad to be on my sister's (petpet) blog. So now I'll have a blog now.

Here's an interview with me and Speedy Wing:

Speedy Wing: Hiya sis! How are you enjoying my hideout?

Shiny Sun: Uh, this is my first post hello?

Speedy Wing: Oh fine. :p Well, I hope you post more.

Shiny Sun : Just one thing, you have to go on less.

Speedy Wing: What?! You're not the boss of me. :p Well, let's start the interview shall we?

Shiny Sun: Yeah sure but, just stop ':p' ing me.

Speedy Wing: Oh okay. How long have you been on Poptropica??

Shiny Sun: I think since I was six or seven.

Speedy Wing: Okay, how many islands have you finished?

Shiny Sun: All of them besides the member one. Or the mystery train

Speedy Wing: Yep. Almost all with my help. Which of the islands is your favorite??

Shiny Sun: Umm........ I don't know..... Maybe.....Time Tangled...

Speedy Wing: I thought it would be Red Dragon or Mythology but okay. Do you like to chat or battle more?

Shiny Sun: Well I do like Mythology, well I like most.....I don't really...... I go on Poptropica mostly when there's a new island. I usually go on Bearville (not on the laptop though).

Speedy Wing: Okay. Well it's time for piano practice. Bye everyone! :)

Shiny Sun: Bye!

So that was the intervew:)

see ya!
Shiny Sun/Hannah

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