Monday, August 1, 2011

Over 100 and More pics! :)

I reached over 100 views!! It's only been about a week and now look at me! Thanks for all your support out there. You are what keeps me wanting to post! I'm working on stories to post on my blog and I will post them once I get 500 views so keep coming to my hideout!

Well, I was having some fun again and started Multiverse with my friends and sister. We just did different costume themes and I took some pictures. Here, take a look:

These one's below are group pictures of Shiny Sun, Strange Clown, Lucky Lizard, and Me. 

Princess Faires



Pop/Rock Stars!
This last picture is vampire themed. It has Shiny Sun, Strange Clown, Icy Fire, and Shaggy Penguin (my other file.)

Can you tell who is who??

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