Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm a star!!

As many of you know, Carl's Jr. and Harlee's are doing kids meals. Well, I went there on Saturday and since I'm too old for kid meals, my little sister got one!! She got a decoder from Spy Island. It's just like the one that we use but there's only one setting. Thanks for letting me use the code Shiny Sun! (My little sister.)

Anyways, you can get free stuff to wear if you redeem a code. Look what we got:

The first one is a happy star. Just customize it and you are a star! Literally. I don't use it much.

The second one is.... is...... STAR POWER! I really love this one. Stars just follow you everywhere. This one really makes me feel like a star. Since I'm the star of my hideout.......



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